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Review of Perfect Keylogger

WARNING! This keylogger is no longer available.
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Perfect Keylogger


Support of various Windows operating systems, available in multiple languages, great interception of chat conversations, good logging of visited websites.


No file activity monitoring and parental control features.


A keylogger that is very easy to use and configure. Has clear interface and is available in multiple languages. Recommended for home monitoring. Despite the abscence of some of the parental control features can be used for monitoring of your kids.

Important! This keylogger has a feature of logging the webcam content that may be illegal in some states or countries. Please consult your local lawyer before using this keylogger in order to be sure you are not breaking any of the laws!

Installation & interface

Once we run the installation file it informs us we need to enter the password to decrypt it. We put in the password kindly provided by BlazingTools Software, developers of Perfect Keylogger, and wait for a while. What we see next is "User Account Control" window asking us to confirm changes on the computer. We click "Yes", and the setup program launches.

During the installation we pass through the following set of screens: Welcome → EULA → Enter Your Keyword (Perfect Keylogger has a Smart Rename feature that renames all its executable files using the keyword specified) → Select Program Folder → Finishing Installation.

Once the keylogger is installed we see its icon in System Tray. We click it and choose "Options…" from Perfect Keylogger's context menu. As a result, "BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger: Options" window opens.

The interface of this window is made the way we like the most. All the configuration options are grouped into categories, that are shown in a tiny left column of the window. Clicking any of the categories opens the corresponding options in the right, main, part of the window. Because of such grouping configuring the keylogger doesn't take much time, that's why we like such a way of interface the most.

Options Screen
"Options" Screen

In order to launch the log viewer of Perfect Keylogger we double click its icon in System Tray. As a result, the window with self explanatory name "Log Viewer" opens. On the top of it we see the calendar, where we can choose the day or days' interval to view the logs for. On the right of the calendar, various log management options are located. All the intercepted information is grouped into four categories, namely "Keystrokes", "Chats", "Images" and "Websites". Switching between the categories is made by clicking one of the corresponding buttons, located below the calendar. The intercepted information is located below the categories, in the main, and the biggest, part of "Log Viewer" window. Summing up, we can say that the interface of "Log Viewer" is simple, yet very handy to use.

Log Viewer
Log Viewer

OS support

Perfect Keylogger supports all the operating systems listed in our comparison, including both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8.

So, in this section Perfect Keylogger gets maximum, which is 102 out of 102 points!


Perfect Keylogger is password-protected and allows configuring the text of a warning message shown to the users of a PC under monitoring. Despite the processes of the keylogger are hidden in Task Manager, its folder can be found by the means, available to an average PC user. The Startup entries of Perfect Keylogger are not hidden also.

Perfect Keylogger can be accessed by pressing a customizable hotkey combination, yet doesn't allow using a keyword for this purpose. The keylogger doesn't allow pre-configured installation and can't protect its log-files, sent via email with SSL certificates. However, Perfect Keylogger can be configured the way to automatically uninstall itself on a specified date.


All this brings Perfect Keylogger to 75 points out of 125 in this section.


Unfortunately, Perfect Keylogger monitors none of the file activities listed in our comparison. It also doesn't log system logon on/off and inactivity time, so as the logon password. You will not find the information about the printed documents in the log files of Perfect Keylogger, so as the recorded sounds.

Despite the disadvantages, mentioned in previous paragraph, Perfect Keylogger is really perfect in screenshots' making. Not only it allows the user to configure their quality and period of their making, features many keyloggers can boast of nowadays, but also has rare features implemented. For example, it allows the user to choose whether to make a photo of an entire screen or of an active window only. Making a screenshot every time a mouse button is clicked is another feature fully implemented in Perfect Keylogger.

An additional feature, that we think to be a bit controversial, is ability of a Perfect Keylogger to see what a webcam is recording. Despite this feature is a great tool in case you are performing the monitoring of your kids, it may cause harm if used improperly. So please consult your local lawyer before using this keylogger in order to be sure you are not breaking any of the laws!

Webcam Recording
Webcam Recording

As for the other features of this section, Perfect Keylogger logs both system keys and keychars pressed, logs the clipboard content, started applications and mouse clicks.

So in this section, Perfect Keylogger gets 150 points out of 340.

Online monitoring

Perfect Keylogger greatly logs all the websites visited in all the browsers, taking part in our testing, except Safari. We do not think this could be a big trouble for PC users, as Safari is more widespread on the OS X operating system, not on Windows.

Visited Websites
Visited Websites

The situation is similar with logging of chat conversations. Perfect Keylogger logs both of the sides in all the messengers taking part in our testing, except the latest version of AIM. Among the other weak points of the keylogger in this section, its inability to log client-based emails and to be configured the way to make a screenshot every time a new website is visited (it is interesting that Perfect Keylogger has a check box, making it to log the user activities only when PC is online).

120 out of 176 points in this section.


Perfect Keylogger can be configured to filter which users and which programs to monitor. It allows performing a keyword search in its logs and viewing the intercepted information for a period of days, not per day only. It also can send the log files by the most handy means among those, listed in our testing, namely via email and FTP.

Unfortunately, the keylogger doesn't show a duration of events logged. It also doesn't allow its user to specify a maximum size of Perfect Keylogger's log files, so as configure their auto-clearance. The log files of keylogger can't be copied via LAN or to a portable device, but we do not think it can cause much trouble, taking into account the above mentioned ability of Perfect Keylogger to send logs via email and FTP.

In this section Perfect Keylogger gets 91 point out of 150


Perfect Keylogger is available in multiple languages, can react to a pre-specified list of keywords and can work on schedule.

Unfortunately, the keylogger can't block neither websites from loading, nor the programs from starting, a features that usually come in handy if the keylogger is bought for parental control reasons.

32 points out of 108 in this section.

The bottom line

A very easy to use and configure keylogger with great support of Windows operating systems. Its interface is clear and the keylogger is available in multiple languages. Recommended for home monitoring, but can be used for monitoring of kids, even though it is missing some of the parental control features.

Points total: 570 out of 1001

WARNING! This keylogger is no longer available.
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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.
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